All our items can be ordered in single or multiple quantities. - Ceramic Accessories can be purchased from us, please email with your enquiry.

- We do not have any minimum order value.

- We can also supply in Greenware, please email or phone with your enquiry.

- Please allow from date of order approximately 10 – 12 working days for delivery. This will allow time to produce to white bisque status to delivery. We offer a range of un-painted white bisque and accessories for the craft of Ceramics.

These items are suitable for:-

- The Serious Ceramic Creator - Ceramic Cafe Supplier

- The Artist dabbling in Ceramic Craft

- The Beginner, who wants pieces to experiment with

- Parents who want to occupy their children during weekends and holidays

- Why not purchase for a “ Party Bag “ Idea

– Keep the children at a party quiet for an hour or so whilst they all paint a piece, and at the end of the day, the child can take home their creation, to keep!

- Ideas for Clubs from the young (children) to the old (but young at heart!)

- And Many, Many More Ideas!

Interesting Information

- Unpainted Ceramic White Bisque can be painted in many ways, below are just a few examples of how it can be painted:

1) Acrylic Paint / Stains

2) Glazed – Must be Kiln Fired to recommended temperature of
         instructions on pot of paint

3) Fashenhue – is a very effective technique. It is a creative way to
         produce an old antiquing effect without firing at the end

4) Plus many more techniques!

The Process of Making Bisque.

We use Liquid Clay, otherwise known as “slip”. This is poured in to moulds and left for a while until it hardens on the outside. The excess slip is then poured out, and the slip / clay is left to harden even more. The mould is then carefully taken apart, to reveal the shape / item. The item in its current form is extremely fragile. This is called “Greenware”. From this stage, the item is fettled and cleaned with a sponge. Once all this has been done, some people like to paint directly on to “Greenware”, but obviously this is mainly professionals, and they would collect the “Greenware” from ourselves. The “Greenware” would then be fired to Cone 04 (1080 Degrees). The item will have changed colour from a light brown and being extremely fragile to a white bisque ceramic item (still obviously fragile - like any china or crockery, but can be handled easier!).


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